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Chrysocolla Necklace


This beautiful Peruvian Chrysocolla is set in sterling silver with a little gold-filled detail.

Hangs on a sterling silver 1.5mm rolo chain with S hook closure (can be changed to lobster claw upon request/ purchase). Chain is 20.75 inches (52.5 cm) long.

Pendant is 37.75mm long & 20.85mm wide.

Only 1 available. Ready to ship.

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The Chrysocolla name comes from the Ancient Greek words chrysos,”gold” and kolla,”glue”, in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold. It was widely known as the ‘wise stone’

Commonly found in copper mines, it is often found inter-grown with other copper based stones and may occur in and with quartz or calcite.

Mohs Hardness: 2-7

Chrysocolla is a Stone of Communication and a stone of the Goddess. It encourages compassion, strengthening of character and helps motivate you to speak.

Chrysocolla is powerful for opening and stimulating the Throat Chakra and aligns with the Heart Chakra.

It evokes the powers of the sea and relates to the Gemini and Virgo astrological signs.


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