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A cuff bracelet is a rigid bracelet band with an opening to slip over your wrist.

How to measure for a cuff bracelet:

If you already have a cuff that you that you like the fit of; measure the inside diameter, height and diameter of opening/ gap.

Step 1
Wrap the tape or string around your wrist exactly over the wrist bone.
Make sure that the tape or string is snugly wrapped but not so tight that it squeezes your skin.

Step 2
If you are using measuring tape then simply read your circumference measurement.
If you are using a piece of string and a ruler simply measure the string length against the ruler.

Step 3
Place a ruler right at your wrist bone to measure the height of your wrist/ thinnest part of your wrist.

How to put on a cuff:
Hold the cuff in your opposite hand with the opening facing out. Gently roll the bracelet over the wrist from the thumb side/ inside of your wrist just above the wrist bone.

Pattern/ Style

Swirl, Swirling Floral, Vine & Leaf, Decorative Twist, Hammered thick, Hammered thin, Plain thick, Plain thin


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    Sterling Sterling Cuff Bracelet
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